Blue Scarf Games was an idea I originally was going to call “Counter Attack Critical Games”. This was based off of an event I have hosted multiple times at videogame and anime conventions. This event essentially was a tournament style fight-to-the-death of a specific videogame’s main characters (the game being Fire Emblem.) I had made it as a silly idea one day, and at the first convention I showed it off…people stood up screaming and yelling loudly for their favorite character to win..it was genuinely magical. It was the first taste I had of making something the public really enjoyed and wanted more of, and from their on I knew my career was set. I have always been very personable and passionate when it came to public speaking and making a name for myself, but this was my first real taste. After this first convention, I made another tournament, and showed it off at a different convention! As usual, everyone loved it! Now, back to where the name came from; in this tournament, one character struck his opponent, dealy a deadly blow! Before the character could begin his celebration though, his opponent made their counter attack, scoring a critical hit, sending him flying! With his opponent winning, and the crowd going wild for this unexpected turn of events, I dawned the name “Counter Attack Critical Games” as it felt like perfectly symbolic for my dream. The odds may always be against you, but with enough grit you can make any dream come true, no matter how large or small. The prize I gave to the person who had put the highest bet on the winning character was a small, adorable, white, plush bear, with a blue scarf around his neck.

 After having created a respective instagram account, and begun this website project I came to have the realization, most largely important companies do not have any kind of violence within their name. I found this very logical, as I absolutely do not condone nor would want to be associated with any myself! A peaceful swap to “Blue Scarf Games” was made, and in a happy position, I definitely am. If any of this seemed as though it was hastily made, there was several months between most conventions and events in the story, so things may have been much more thought-out than percieved. Also this is early in the company’s creation, so it was a funny thought if fans of the company were to abbreviate it.

This is the start of a lifelong dream! I hope everyone involved has as much happiness with it as I will!
Blue Scarf Bear